Fools Rush In. Take your time.

Savour their exquisite elegance.  Soak up the perfection

Slowly edge closer.  Inhale their heavenly scent

Softly  press your lips to my soles

You are intoxicated. Can't think straight

My Feet are your Religion


Foot Worship is my favourite type of session.  They are extremely sensitive and having a good foot slave at my feet is an erotic, sensual and pleasurable experience for me.  My feet constantly crave attention. They demand to be pampered,  adored and worshipped.  Foot worship is where a true sub can show real servitude and there are many ways to show devotion and appreciation. They love being caressed, rubbed,  massaged, kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked.  If you are unskilled in the Art of worshipping a Goddesses Feet I will teach you how to satisfy them

During a foot session, I don't just sit or lie around. I am interactive and love flaunting my gorgeous feet, teasing you with them to inflame your desire. I taunt and tempt in different poses and positions. Positioned high above you, dangling them tantalisingly inches above your face, making you ache to smell or kiss them. Lounging with my legs pointing upwards, gently grazing your face,  brushing my toes through your hair or lightly slapping your face with my soles. Sometimes standing above you looking into your eyes as they are pressing, pushing, pinning or trampling you down

I enjoy slowly stroking them over your body before finally giving you permission to worship. After craving for so long, these extra few minutes will make you ache harder to have your way with them.  Then I will instruct you to caress and shower them with tiny kisses before using your tongue on them.  If you put them into your mouth  I will wriggle my toes as they explore. Touching your gums, your teeth, sliding them over your tongue and pushing softly towards the back of your throat, slowly pulling out and letting you suck on them.  If you are  pleasuring them I will encourage you, maybe even  praise your efforts. If your technique needs adjustment I'll be your coach and teach you what I like and exactly how to please me. 

Foot Worship sessions can be with me in Goddess mode, sensual and seductive but just being myself or I can include foot worship as part of a role play. Have a look at my role play characters and scenarios to see what appeals to you.  Maybe you don't want a role play but would like a particular look. I have a massive wardrobe including uniforms, day and evening wear, latex, lingerie and hosiery including many pairs of nylon fully fashioned seamed stockings, lace top hold ups and fishnets. My shoe collection is equally vast and has every thing from thigh boots, to 9 inch heels to flip flops.  Just request what you would like when you book a session. If I am on tour, obviously the choice will be more limited.