Fetishes and Kinks


Below are just some of the fetishes and kinks that can be included either as part of your roleplay or on their own.

For example you could have a medical scenario in which you are sissified and have requested that I wear latex while you are in bondage and I carry out electro therapy. You may choose as many fetishes as your session time will allow. Each session can be as customised as you so desire. On the other hand you may wish to focus solely on foot fetish for the entire session without any roleplay or other activities.

Please respect my limits which are: No Hard sports, No Leather, No Fur and Absolutely No Vanilla activities. The reason I have been able to remain successful and happy in this profession for so long is because I am resolute at maintaining my own boundaries.

I know some Dommes are flexible on this matter but I am totally not. I am a Dominatrix not a fetish escort.

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