Kountess Von Kink


"Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it"

I became a dominatrix back in the day when it was a rare and unusual career choice, before everyone else found out what an amazing lifestyle this can be. I'm still loving this world well into my second decade as a Dominatrix. Pretty good going since I thought it was something I would try for a few months. What's not to love? Being paid to dress up, show off and act out scenarios while realising fantasies and globe trotting.

I was the first Domme in Hong Kong and when I started I had a stereotypical view that a Dominatrix was all about whips and chains. As a creative person I quickly realised that I could use my creativity in my craft. For me it was always about acting which in the fetish world is roleplay. Over the years I played many different persona who have taken on names, traits and each have their own costumes.

On these pages are a few of the most popular female characters. I will continue to add to these as new ones develop.