"Who am I ? I'm whoever you want me to be. .....As long as I’m in charge."

I'm your Private Actress. A Fetish Thespian. A Roleplayer Extraordinaire, multifaceted with a stable of Dominant Alpha Female characters I have developed over my years in the Fetish scene.

As soon as I  knew what an actress was,  I made up my mind  that it was my destiny to be one.  I have always adored dressing up, showing off and playing a part. Once i started school,  I joined the drama group and started acting in the school plays.  At the tender age of 7 I had one of my finest hours playing the lead in Alice In Wonderland.  The lights. The greasepaint. The roar of the crowd in my junior school hall! I was instantly hooked and knew i was on the right career path.  I played other lead roles in many productions and planned to study drama when I left school.

I became a Model instead. It was a choice of going to school for two more years, then be a struggling actress auditioning till I got my big break, or earn lots of money and jet set around the world being young and gorgeous. As always I took the glamourous route.  It was the right choice, leading to fetish modelling and the fetish scene. A Dominatrix was Born. Soon after I became a Pro Domme I discovered role-play and realised everything had came full circle and my acting skills were going to come in very useful indeed.

As I always say, every Domme has her forte. Mine is roleplay. It’s what I love and what I excel in. It’s the main reason I have stayed in this industry for so long. Assuming these alter egos ensure my career never becomes stale. So many different me's each with their own personalities, style and fan base. On this page is a selection of my most popular characters, Click on them to find out more about them and some of the scenarios they act out.

I have at least 12 personas to go on this page. I will add them as I write biographies and photo shoots for each one. If you have a different character you would like me to play email me with details for my consideration.

To read more about each character visit my London site here.